GS204 Medical Tape Slitting Machine

1. Main technical parameters:

1Valid slitting width1.0m, 1.3m, 1.6m
2Min. slitting width
3Max. unwinding diameter


4Max. winding diameter

75mm(1" shaft, 4-shaft alternating)

150mm(3" shaft, 4-shaft alternating)

320mm(3" shaft, 2-shaft alternating

5Mechanical speed0-180m/min
6Slitting knife0.2*22*60
7Total power5HP

2. Features:

  • Using four shafts fully automatically exchanging winding, continously winding, high working efficiency;

  • Inverter stepless speed regulation, with 3-section counter, automatic deceleration and stop during high-speed operation;

  • Unwinding tension controlled by pneumatic brake; winding tension adopts dual control, clutch and independent sliding unit, which can adjust the tension freely;

  • With curve stretch roller which can effectively stretch the tape;

  • (Optional) automatic labeling function.

3. Picture of machine:

GS205 Surface Slitting Machine for Aluminum / Copper Foil



GS203 Stationary Tape Slitting Machine